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Kommentare: 354
  • #354

    Cliff Stevens (Dienstag, 17 März 2020 18:57)

    Hi Beate,
    Thanks so much for the great shots. It was nice meeting you and hope to see you again! Stay safe in these troubled times...
    All the best,

  • #353

    Smiling Jack Smith (Montag, 02 März 2020 22:18)

    Thanks so much for coming to the concert and taking such great photos

  • #352

    Marcus Malone (Mittwoch, 30 Oktober 2019 20:31)

    A great pleasure meeting you and having the opportunity for you to take photo's of Malone Sibun @ Sassel House Hamburg 'Blues Nights'. Some very nice shots. Thank you very much. Hope to see you again! Peace and Love

  • #351

    Phil Gates (Dienstag, 17 September 2019 21:36)

    I recently performed at the Chicago Blues Awards in Eutin, Germany where I got to meet Beate. Such a wonderful person, and great photographer! She made some very cool pictures of myself and my band. In addition, the speed that she posted the pictures while still attending other events was amazing.
    I look forward very much to working with Beate again.
    Phil Gates

  • #350

    Janis (Mittwoch, 05 Juni 2019 08:44)

    Hi. My name is Janis "Bux" Bukovskis from a band Latvian Blues Band.. I realy enjoy the pictures.. they are realy special.. these are stories from stage to moments at Beate photos which she brings to us...
    All the best,


  • #349

    Hendrik Frommhold (Donnerstag, 30 Mai 2019 13:24)

    Danke Beate für die tollen Fotos vom Bluesfest Eutin 2019!!
    Ich freue mich immer, dich zu sehen. :)
    Liebe Grüße Hendrik

  • #348

    Maldito (Dienstag, 28 Mai 2019 17:47)

    Thank you so much for these amazing pictures live from Eutin Bluesfestival. It was great meeting you, Beate. Hope to see you again sometime.

    All the best
    Maldito. Vegard, Bendik, Sondre & Gard.

  • #347

    Hoopleheads (Montag, 27 Mai 2019 21:16)

    Thanks a lot for your fantastic shots of our gig in Eutin. You surely have a great talent for capturing the intensity that makes a live experience.
    All the best

  • #346

    Chambers (Sonntag, 26 Mai 2019 15:10)

    Thank you, Beate for the great pictures from our gig at The Baltic Blues Festival in Eutin. It was so nice meeting you, and I am a fan of your great photography.
    All the best to you, until the next time.
    ~Sean Chambers

  • #345

    thomas crawfurd (Freitag, 24 Mai 2019 20:22)

    Thank you, Beate, for extraordinary high quality live photos. It is not an easy job. I have seen a lot of live photos of our band, but thes are so far the best! Keep up the good work.
    Thomas/Fried Okra

  • #344

    Neal Black (Montag, 22 April 2019 19:28)

    Hi Beate ,, Thanks for the cool photos from Norderstedt , you really captured some interesting moments !!
    It was a pleasure to meet you and I hope to see you again sooon !!!

  • #343

    Fernant Zeste (Sonntag, 17 März 2019 12:34)

    Vielen dank fur die super photos!
    Sehr schön dich kennen gelernt zu haben.


  • #342

    Joris Hendrik (Freitag, 08 März 2019 18:04)

    Hey Bea,
    Vielen Dank für die großartigen Fotos aus dem Musicstar.
    Gerne wieder.
    Viele Grüße

  • #341

    Bernard Allison (Mittwoch, 16 Januar 2019 17:42)

    Great photos from the Juke Joint!
    It was nice to meet you!

  • #340

    Ian Cussick (Mittwoch, 02 Januar 2019 18:43)

    "Great Photo´s Beate!" - Many Thanks.
    Ian Cussick

  • #339

    Klaus, Keyboardist of Nektar (Dienstag, 11 Dezember 2018 02:36)

    In the past I've met some really good photographers. But Beate is absolutely top-notch. Her great feel for moments, colours, details, catching characters, and her technical perfection is unbelievable brilliant. Thank you so much, Beate!
    On behalf of the band

  • #338

    Yonatan Pandelaki (Montag, 05 November 2018 19:13)

    Vielen lieben Dank Beate für die tollen Bilder von unserem Auftritt am 2. Nov '18 bei der Pumpe! Die sehen echt klasse aus.
    Liebe Grüße,
    Yonatan Pandelaki
    von der Band 'Sons and Preachers'

  • #337

    Tim Lothar (Freitag, 19 Oktober 2018 11:08)

    Dear Bea.
    It is nice to have been part of your journey of your world of photographing. I still recall some of the first ones you took of me when I started out playing guitar. They were not bad, but you have come a long way since then. The photos you take now are simply outstanding. I always look forward to see the photos you take.
    For me you are the best!


  • #336

    Bad Mules (Dienstag, 09 Oktober 2018 11:26)

    Hey Beate!
    Thanks for the great pix as usual!

  • #335

    20 For Seven Band (Dienstag, 02 Oktober 2018 16:08)

    Hey Beate! Vielen lieben Dank für die klasse Bilder, die Du im Bullentempel von 20 For Seven gemacht hast!! Wir hoffen sehr, dass wir uns nochmal wiedersehen!!
    Liebe Grüße
    Wayne, Marcel, Tim, Schnee & Felix

  • #334

    Ben Granfelt (Sonntag, 23 September 2018 13:11)

    Wonderful pictures ��
    Hope to see you again next year!

  • #333

    Robbert Fossen (Montag, 20 August 2018 01:40)

    Dear Beate,

    Thank you so much for the beautiful pictures!
    I hope to see you soon in Kiel or somewhere else.
    All the best!


  • #332

    Dave Goodman (Donnerstag, 02 August 2018 21:58)

    Hey Beate, thanks for the fantastic photos! Dave

  • #331

    The Chilkats (Freitag, 06 Juli 2018 10:49)

    Moin Beate,
    vielen Dank dass du uns auf so geschmackvolle Weise in Eutin abgelichtet hast!

    Herzliche Grüße aus Hamburg und alles Gute,

    Henning, Jol, Boris und Hendrik - The Chilkats

  • #330

    Bluesmörtel (Donnerstag, 05 Juli 2018 15:44)

    Hallo Bea
    Ich muss sagen, das ich eigendlich gar nichts sagen kann weil mir die Worte fehlen.
    Das hier ist der Wahnsinn. Deine Bilder unglaublich Super Klasse. Werde öfter vorbeischauen. lg Mörtel

  • #329

    Dean Zucchero (Mittwoch, 04 Juli 2018 21:04)

    Thanks for the great pics from Eutin of Johnny Mastro & Mama’s Boys, feat: Ghalia

  • #328

    CHRISTOPHE GAILLOT (Mittwoch, 04 Juli 2018 20:24)

    Hello Beate, thank you so much for the photos. They are superbs. You are a very talented photographer.
    À bientôt

  • #327

    The Bluesbones (Mittwoch, 04 Juli 2018 10:48)

    From The Bluesbones a big thank you for the Great pics you made on the German Blues Challenge Festival in Eutin!
    The pics have a great vibe and you captured the moment and the soul of our music on your pic’s .
    Big hug and keep up the good work.

  • #326

    Holger Naggert (Sonntag, 24 Juni 2018 16:39)

    Hallo Beate, sehr schöne Bilder und wundervolle Impressionen von der Kieler Woche Blues Nacht! Freue mich auf 2019 :-)

    Viele Grüße,
    Holger Naggert
    Moderation Rathausbühne

  • #325

    JW-Jones (Mittwoch, 20 Juni 2018 19:29)

    Beate Grams takes incredible photos, and I especially like her work with black and white. Classic looking images while capturing the intensity and spirit of the live performance. Wonderful attitude and great to work with! Highly recommended. Thank you again! JW

  • #324

    Stefano Ronchi (Dienstag, 19 Juni 2018 19:03)

    Hi Beate! Very good pictures at Kieler Woche! Great eye, great pics! All the best!!
    Stefano Ronchi

  • #323

    Walter Baumgartner (Freitag, 15 Juni 2018 10:17)

    Es ist eine wahre Freude die so lebendigen Bilder geschossen von Bea zu betrachten. Es war uns eine ganz grosse Freude, Dich am Blues Fest Eutin zu treffen und danke für die tollen Pics !!!! Hoffentlich auf ein ander Mal! Liebe Grüsse

  • #322

    Ronny (Donnerstag, 07 Juni 2018 21:47)

    Hi Beate,
    Thank you so much for great pictures from Blues Baltica - Bluesfest Eutin 2018. Take care. See you!

    Best regards,

  • #321

    Dominik (Donnerstag, 07 Juni 2018 15:10)

    Great high quality photos with lot of emotion and sense of humor!

  • #320

    Abłamowicz (Donnerstag, 07 Juni 2018 12:54)

    Absolutely great photos! Great quality, feeling and sense o humor

  • #319

    Frank Plagge (Dienstag, 29 Mai 2018 10:42)

    Hallo Beate!
    Vielen Dank für die tollen Fotos und den regen Gedankenausrausch auf dem Eutiner Bluesfestival 2018!!
    Ich wünsche Dir weiterhin viel Erfolg mit deinen Fotos!!

  • #318

    Britta Jeß (Samstag, 26 Mai 2018 11:20)

    Ich liebe Deine Art die Musik, die Musiker und die Bühnenwelt zu fotografieren!!!! Schwarzweiß - so viel lebendiger! Der Moment, das Gefühl, die Leidenschaft ist wunderbar in den Gesichtern zu lesen!

  • #317

    HM Johnsen (Freitag, 25 Mai 2018 10:35)

    Fantastic images and high quality is only two factors i see In the photos on this page.

    Beate captures the live spirit on stage, as well as every feeling the musician express. She makes the guitars and instruments look alive. She brings fresh and new life to the photos.

    I see Beate as a true artist, with the camera as a tool.

  • #316

    Chris Bergson (Mittwoch, 09 Mai 2018 14:41)


    Hi Beate,
    It was very nice to meet you at the Guitar Heroes Festival in Joldelund. Thank you so much for all of your fantastic photos from the show! We had such a great time playing that night! Loved the venue. It reminded me a little of Levon Helm's barn studio in Woodstock, NY.

    Hope to see you soon.

    All the best,

  • #315

    Phil Bee (Sonntag, 06 Mai 2018 21:25)

    I’ve known Beate for quite some years. She can catch the soul of the performing musicians on camera. An incredible talent. I am proud to have some of her pictures in my portfolio. Besides she’s a really nice person. Keep up the good work Bea and see you soon

  • #314

    Will Wilde (Sonntag, 06 Mai 2018 19:23)

    Amazing photos, thank you Bea! X

  • #313

    Petraccaro (Freitag, 04 Mai 2018 15:57)

    Hi! Tom from the Billy Walton Band here! Thanks for the great shots!

  • #312

    William Paris (Freitag, 04 Mai 2018 13:59)

    Hello! Great pics!

  • #311

    Julian Sas (Freitag, 27 April 2018 09:10)

    Hello Bea , thanx for the great pictures and good work you do for the music, much appreciated !!!! Kiel rocked big time and you put the vibe on the pictures....we will see us next year I think, maybe sooner.....this road goes on forever......have faith fly free.....and make it happen, positive vibrations, cheers Julian

  • #310

    Georg Schroeter (Montag, 23 April 2018 19:18)

    Liebe Bea,
    herzlichen Dank !!!! Wieder einmal Meisterwerke der Fotokunst !!!
    Übrigens ein Hinweis für alle Bluesfans und Musiker: Diese Fotos könnt ihr käuflich bei Beate Grams erwerben und solltet das auch tun. Diese Kunst muß unterstützt werden !!!
    Vielen lieben Dank an alle die mir diesen schönen Geburtstag geschenkt haben :-) !!!!!

  • #309

    mcebel (Montag, 16 April 2018 10:55)

    Hey Beate, ich danke Dir für die phantastischen Fotos! Unglaublich, was Du aus meinem Gesicht ´herausgeholt´hast! Gruß & Blues, McEbel

  • #308

    Ralph (Montag, 19 März 2018 16:26)

    Beate! Was schön! War ein toller Abend!! Viele Grüssen

  • #307

    Michael Vdelli (Sonntag, 18 März 2018 14:52)

    Hi Beate, thanks for the great photos! It was very kind of to to take the time for us. Most appreciated... Best wishes, Michael

  • #306

    CAROLINA (Sonntag, 11 März 2018 23:19)

    Hey Bea,

    vielen Dank, dass du diesen grandiosen Abend so grandios festgehalten hast. Es ist eine besondere Gabe, wenn man Momente so einfangen kann wie du.
    Auf bald ...
    Arvid, Hannes, Lenn

  • #305

    Hörbie Schmidt (Sonntag, 04 März 2018 11:39)

    Liebe Bea,

    schöne Augenblicke und Momente. Tolle Fotos. Tolles Festival.
    Danke Dir.
    Liebe Grüße