Ducksteinfestival Kiel 2017

Big Daddy Wilson & Greg Copeland

Bootshafen Kiel, 03. September 2017

Besetzung: Big Daddy Wilson (vocal), Cesare Nolli (guitar), Greg Copeland (vocal), Nik Taccori (drum), Paolo Legramandi (bass).

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  • #1

    Greg Copeland (Samstag, 09 September 2017 10:35)

    Thank you Bea!
    You are a fantastic artist and also a wonderful person. The pictures are so beautiful and so full of passion. Again I would like to say "Thank you" and I wish you all the best in the future!

    Take care,
    Greg Copeland

  • #2

    BIG DADDY WILSON (Samstag, 09 September 2017 22:01)

    Thank you,
    was good to see you again,
    love all of your photos,
    keep up the good work all the best!!!