Guitar Heroes Festival Joldelund

Krissy Matthews (UK) & Max Maxwell  (UK)

30. April 2017 Gerd's Juke Joint

Blues-Brunch am Sonntagvormittag

in Gerd's Juke Joint!

Der 24jährige Brite Krissy Matthews

wird bei dieser AkustikSession unterstützt von seinem langjährigen

Schlagzeuger Max Maxwell.


together with...

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    Max Maxwell (Dienstag, 02 Mai 2017 20:16)

    (Sorry it's not in German) Had a great gig the other day at Gerd's Juke Joint in Joldelund. It was an acoustic duo set, something very new for Krissy (guitar and vocals) and me, so we were full of fresh, mischievous energy. That's what makes Beate's photos so brilliant: more than just the image, she captured the high energy, comedy, and fun of the set. I was so happy when I saw the gallery, it really is one of the best collections of photos I've seen of me! Thank you, Beate, and hope to see you at another show soon :)