9. Kieler Woche Blues Nacht

20. 06.2020 Rathausbühne Kiel

"Bluesfeeling International" mit

8 To the Bar

Sons & Preachers

Boogie Royale Trio

Kalle Reuter Band

Georg Schroeter / Marc Breitfelder Band

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8 To the Bar - Claas Vogt (guitar),Arne Wessel (Kontrabass), Günther Brackmann (piano), Martin Röttger (drums).

Sons & Preachers - Yonathan Pandelaki (key), Tobias Lemberger (guitar), Miriam Lemberger (vocal), Felix Stade (drums).

Boogie Royale Trio - Viveca Lindhe (vocal), KC Miller (piano), Andreas Bock (drums).

Kalle Reuter Band - Kalle Reuter (guitar), Wulf Winkelmueller (piano), Martin Röttger (drums).

Georg Schroeter / Marc Breitfelder Band - Georg Schroeter (Gesang, piano), Marc Breitfelder (harp), Kalle Reuter (guitar), Tim Engel (drums), Sven Zimmermann (bass).



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